Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Places I'd Rather Be

I'm beginning to feel the immense burden of my homework, so I decided to think about places I'd rather be than in my dorm room doing homework. It's just another way to avoid said homework (and probably something I'll regret later). I picked the four main places I'd like to go. They're in reverse order - so the last one is my top pick.

Walden PondI blame Thoreau and my Senior English teacher for this one. Ever since I read Thoreau's Walden, I have wanted to go there to escape life. I imagine that in today's world, you can not merely go to this pond - or anywhere really - for an extended period of time and shun human society. I can't imagine there is much land untouched by technology, and I'm going to assume any land like that has been kept preserved in the form of a nature park, so you wouldn't really be allowed to live there.

Hawaii Who doesn't think of Hawaii when they want to escape their normal, everyday life? I suppose people who live and work there... It doesn't matter though. I don't even like swimming very much, but I'd love to be there now, basking in the sun or sleeping to the sound of waves rolling in from the ocean.

Rothenburg, Germany

As a child I lived in Germany for four years (aged 6-10). During that time my family went to this historic town very often; I'd estimate about twice a year. I have fond memories of walking along its cobblestone streets and climbing the tower. This is mainly a tourist town, and very few cars are allowed to drive through. It is lined with little shops that sell trinkets and various goodies. I remember I used to always buy this pastry my family called a "snowball." I'm not sure if we made the name up or not, but it's a big pastry ball coated in powdered sugar. True to German desserts, it isn't very sweet, but it's still amazing.

IrelandI've never been to Ireland before and it looks positively gorgeous. The grass is so green! I want to shoot whiskey in a pub in Dublin, hike along the grassy knolls, and maybe look for the gold at the end of a rainbow.


  1. I like this post because I can relate to what you have said. I've been a very busy person because of my work and whenever I think about getting a refuge from the miseries of my life, I also think about the places I want to go to.. here in my country, there are many tourist spots that I have never visited yet.... just the thought of seeing the sky, grass, sunrise, sunset, beaches, rice fields and mountains makes want to escape this busy life! :)

  2. I love those snowballs!!! it is like pie shells all in a ball with stuff on them. YUM!!!